45 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas

And/Or The Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is coming quickly this year! 

 It’s always so much fun to surprise another family (usually a family in need) with The Twelve Days of Christmas. But have you ever switched it up and surprised your OWN family? You don’t need to spend a lot of money, especially if you plan on buying them Christmas presents.  

I did this for my little family last year, and they loved it!  Whether you are surprising someone else’s family, or your own with the Twelve Days, OR if you want to pick one of these ideas and use it for your neighbor gifts, either way you will warm hearts and lift spirits this holiday season!
Here is a list to get your creative juices flowing…

45 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas:

  1. Homemade fudge
  2. A loaf of homemade bread
  3. A special, unique tree ornament
  4. A Christmas storybook
  5. Homemade lollipops
  6. A box of sugar cookie mix and a tub of frosting (and sprinkles maybe?)
  7. Popcorn balls
  8. Pretty recipe cards with your favorite holiday recipes
  9. Winter necessities: lip balm and some holiday scented lotion
  10. Coloring book and crayons
  11. Hot chocolate mix and a box of miniature candy canes
  12. Trail mix, nuts or homemade candied nuts like these
  13. A CD of your favorite Christmas music
  14. Colorful post it notes 
  15. A book of stamps (not so inexpensive anymore!)
  16. A holiday decorating magazine
  17. A plate of homemade cookies
  18. Nice socks
  19. Scented bubble bath
  20. White chocolate peppermint bark
  21. Christmas pillowcases (can be found at dollar stores or make your own)
  22. A jar of homemade honey butter
  23. A dozen warm doughnuts
  24. Sudoku or crossword puzzle book
  25. Small dream catchers
  26. Cash
  27. A jar of homemade hand scrub 
  28. A fleece blanket
  29. A frozen casserole
  30. Old fashioned stick candies
  31. A pan of homemade rolls
  32. A Christmas candle, or candle melts from Scentsy
  33. A small candy bar cake
  34. Flavored popcorn in a tin
  35. A car wash certificate
  36. Candy coins (see here)
  37. A new hand soap and kitchen towel
  38. A frozen or ready to bake pizza
  39. A cute bowl of Chex party mix
  40. A bag of chips and jar of your favorite salsa
  41. A new holiday cookie cutter and a big ball of sugar cookie dough
  42. A 3 liter of Cherry 7-UP
  43. Squeeze cheese and a box of crackers
  44. A flashlight, or mini flashlights
  45. Stationery and pen 
Now go get ready for Christmas and enjoy your day!