Family Home Evening – Gingerbread Houses and Committing to Christ

One of our favorite family activities in December is to make gingerbread houses!  This is what our family will be doing for family night tonight.  
But not until I first give a short and sweet lesson on 
I think December is a good time to help our children reflect on their own commitment to Jesus Christ. Whether we like it or not, we are living in a world of great turmoil, confusion, and wickedness.  We are here on Earth to prove ourselves worthy to return to live with Him again.  We ALL need to commit to the Lord and make the decision who we want to become in our lives.  I believe all of us would like our children to live by the pattern the Lord has set, and by committing to that pattern they will have so much happiness in this life and the next.  
So tonight we will go over the For The Strength Of Youth pamphlet. (again)  So important to do it often!
If you don’t have one of those, these are the main points you could discuss with your children.  We will talk a little bit about each point together.
  • Never using alcohol, tobacco, and never trying illegal drugs.  (the adversary will have very little power to tempt you with things you have never tried.)
  • Being careful concerning everything about us: the type of social settings we enter, what we see and read, the movies we watch, the music we listen to.
  • Decide now to never cheat.
  • Keep your language clean, decide that vulgar words or jokes will never come from your mouth.
  • Dress modestly.
  • Moral cleanliness.
  • Sabbath observance.
In other words….. BE DIFFERENT than most of the world!
Stand out!
 Wouldn’t it be great if our children were known in school for their absolute integrity and clean language?
Your children are never too young to begin discussing these things with!  (Well, unless they are babies… I can hear my sarcastic 16 year old in my head!)  Sure, you will talk about it on a much different level, but the younger you begin talking with them, the earlier in life they will make their own commitments.  
Good lesson.
Then, follow up with THESE fun little things!
(I found the gingerbread house cookie cutters at our local kitchen store, and “glued” them together with powdered sugar and egg white icing….GREAT for holding them together, and dries in a flash!  So keep it covered until you need it!)

If you want to go easy, just pull out the graham crackers!  Just as fun, but lots less work.  
Either way, it’s lots of fun…even for teenagers! Hand them their own frosting tube, and watch them turn into little children again!!
Good times spent together as a family!
Happy Family Night everyone!