Decorate Your Chandelier For The Holidays


So, I was walking through Tai Pan Trading last Christmas season, (which by the way is one of my favorite stores EVER!) and I saw the most beautiful thing!  I looked up, and all over the store, were Christmas wreaths hanging horizontally from the ceiling.  They were embellished with beautiful pine cones and berries, with Christmas balls hanging from them.  It was so pretty that I took a picture.  

But I can’t find it.  Must have deleted it.  

But I came straight home and implemented it into my house.  Instead of hanging it from the ceiling, I attached it to the chandelier over my kitchen table.  I’ve seen people embellish their chandeliers for the Holidays, and this just seemed so simple and easy to me…… AND IT WAS!  
This wreath came with the different pine boughs, berries, and pine cones attached already, the only thing I added were the Christmas balls.  I hung mine with fishing line, because it was easy.  You could also use ribbon or pearl strands to make it fancier. 

Check out THIS awesome page with lots more great ideas!  I already know what I’m going to do next year! 😉

Yup.  Makes me happy.