A Gift For A Photographer

How can you put a price tag on a perfect family portrait?

 This year, we had a dear friend of ours for many years take our family pictures, and they turned out beautiful! I knew they would. I had so much trust in this man, because he is known for his impeccable photography. You can check out his latest book here. So, I have been thinking of a way to repay him, you know, a little Christmas gift. Well, my daughter has a flair for photography and showed up one day with the perfect gift!

Check out this cute mug!

 How is that for the most clever thing!

 She wouldn’t let me steal it, so I had to buy my own. 
 It seems like it was only around $12!
Here is the link if you would like an inexpensive yet awesome gift for the photographer in YOUR life!
*Side note… it looks way better in person than it does in my pictures.  

Why does hot chocolate taste extra good out of a zoom lens?
I really hope my photographer doesn’t see this post…..
But if he does see it…. RD…I’m not drinking from your mug.  Promise!
Happy Christmas shopping!