Christmas Gift Fail

I saw the cutest idea for my kids to make for their friends for Christmas
at The Mother Huddle.
Look how cute…

My kids loved the idea too!

So, I ran to Walmart to collect all the stuff, and learned right away that I waited too long.  Those clear plastic ornaments were there last week, but now they were gone.
Plus… I about had an anxiety breakdown in that store, too many people, too many SLOW people, lost my master list, (my master shopping list!  I lost it!  In Walmart of all places!) retraced my steps looking for that list, (because how was I going to shop without that list??  I write things down on the list so I can forget them in my head!) lets see… where was I…. oh yeah….retraced my steps looking for the list, never found the list, got to the photo kiosk and found that the flash drive that I had transferred our family pictures onto, didn’t actually have our pictures on it,  AAAND I am long overdue for a hair appointment!
Welcome to my head
Are you getting the anxiety breakdown now?

 Ran to Hobby Lobby where I found the last 4 pack of clear ornaments …but they were glass.  I thought to myself, “they’ll work, the kids will just have to be EXTRA careful with them.”

At home Calli and I pulled the topper out of the ornament, so excited to make these little cuties, but the hole was not big enough for the gumballs to fit through.
Merry Christmas.

Of course, my mind got busy thinking of how to make it work, but I finally accepted the defeat.

So instead, we threw a little handful of gumballs into some sucker bags, popped a few into our mouths, (which actually made me feel quite a bit better) and called it good.  And done.

Not as cute… still kinda cute… so maybe not a total fail.
But I’m sure it will make her friends smile! What 4th grader isn’t going to love a little bag of gumballs?!

Friend gifts……check.

Almost ready for Christmas, how about you?

Praying I don’t have to go back to Walmart…