Family Home Evening – Soaking in Mineral Springs and Pre Party Prep

So tonight we are taking the family to one of our favorite places on EARTH, and that is 
We love to go there on Monday because they have movie night under the stars! 
There is nothing quite like sitting in a nice hot pool outside among the snow and ice.  We la la la love to go there in the wintertime.  
However, before we go, I’ll be cracking the whip on the kids to help prepare for the big sha-bang tomorrow night.  Here’s the menu:
(notice the amount of dips planned)
    • fondue dinner with chicken, beef, and shrimp
    • tortilla chips w/ homemade cheese queso dip
    • bread cubes w/ spinach & artichoke dip
    • fruit w/ strawberry cream fruit dip
    • wontons
    • shrimp cocktail
    • the Perfect Thanksgiving (Holiday) drink
    I don’t have ANY guilt about eating whatever I want on New Year’s Eve!
    Why deny yourself when you can balance it out the next day?
    Just make sure you balance it out the next day!!
    Plus, we will be blowing up balloons till we are blue in the face.
    Happy Monday night!