3 Day Detox

About 6 months ago, I jumped on the detox bandwagon and took the ride of my 45 year old life!
I had heard about detoxifying your body, and all the good that it does for you, but didn’t ever really know how to go about it.  My sister told me about a 7 day detox that she did and how she loved it.  But 7 days seemed like a bit too long for me. Then, while I was getting my hair done, my dear hairdresser, who is one of the healthiest women I know, sold me on the 3 day detox that she had just finished.
I went home determined.  She had lit the fire in me.
I got online, listed the ingredients, bought the ingredients, and got started.
I also roped my dear friend into doing it with me.

It’s always more fun to do it with someone else, and my husband was NOT on board with the whole “detox idea.”
Here’s what went down.

  1. First Day: I weighed in at 136 lbs, and started like a champ!  Until I got to the sushi salad for lunch.  Ugh.  Not my favorite.  There was no fish, but seaweed.  I felt really good all day, eating only vegetables in different forms, but what amazed me was how full I felt.  My friend also mentioned that, she felt like she couldn’t eat all the food!  By the end of the day, I was sick of vegetables, and thought to myself… 2 more days of this??
  2. Second Day:  I weighed in at 133.5.  I woke up with a headache, which I thought was unusual, I never wake up with headaches after a nice sleep.  I felt weak, but still followed the plan with determination.  But things went down from there.  I laid down, or sat most of the day.  Thankfully, I didn’t have much planned.  The headache got much worse, until at 4:00 I decided to take some ibuprofin.  I also ate a strawberry and 3 bites of mint chocolate chip ice cream to cushion the ibuprofin.  (I know, not the best thing, but I thought I was going through sugar withdrawal.)  I laid down at 5:00 and woke up at 8:00 still feeling terrible.  I decided I was done.  I was NOT detoxing if it makes me feel this horrible!  So, I ate a piece of chicken, and a half piece of whole wheat bread with butter, and went to bed for the night.  Couldn’t care for my family, couldn’t make dinner, I was useless.  I had no intention of finishing the detox on the 3rd day.  I had quit.  What I didn’t know……was that terrible headache was my body actually detoxifying…
  3. Third Day:  Weighed in at 132.5.  Headache was gone, and I woke up feeling really, really good.  Like, really good.  I wondered if the headache was just bad sugar withdrawal.  I eat sugar every day of my life!  Whatever I want, whenever I want.  (Not a good thing to brag about, but it’s true.)  Anyway, I felt over the top great!  I was more committed than EVER to finish out the detox!  I went throughout the day feeling so good, I wished I could feel that good every day!  Two pretty amazing things I noticed.  One, while I was reading my scriptures in the morning, I felt like my eyes could see better!  Every word on the page was super clear, and that’s saying something with my 45 year old deteriorating eyesight!  While I was driving in my car and looking at road signs, the road signs were clearer!  It was such a cool yet weird thing!  Two, I felt like my mind was razor sharp.  I felt like I could feel my brain connectors firing!  Seriously, I felt so smart!  My thinking was laser focused.  I was on top of the world.  I felt so good.
(Above is the seaweed salad I was talking about…ugh)
I changed after that day.  I wanted to keep that great feeling with me all the time.  Sugar became repulsive to me.  Those who know me, can you believe that?!  I didn’t want to have the least bit of sugar and ruin the way I felt.

(This is the soup and to me, it looks yucky, but was actually very delicious!)

I learned later, that during a detox, you really should plan to do it over an easy 3 days.  In other words, don’t plan a lot while you are detoxifying.  You may not feel like doing much. Like me, I was out for the count on the second day!  Good for nothing.
If we really eat like we should, it’s amazing the difference in how we feel!  If our diet is made up of primarily whole foods, like it should be, we would have the zest and energy of a super hero!
No kidding.
 People pay money for pills, hoping they will feel this way!
I’m telling you.  I’m a believer in the detox.  I will definitely be doing it again.
I got the 3 day detox plan from Hungry For Change.
Find the exact detox program by clicking here.

**Warning:  it just may change your life a bit…

I will be starting another 3 day detox tomorrow and going through the weekend. This time with my daughter.  Check back on Monday for the full review, or even join in!  It will be fun, I promise.
Ok, scratch that, I don’t promise it will be fun, but it will be good for you!

Here’s to good health!