Picture Your Best Self

Today I attended the funeral of the father of my dear friend.  It was one of the most inspiring funerals I have ever been to!  It is always amazing to me how a funeral really opens the telescope of life.  Don’t you wonder what people will say about you at your funeral?  How will you be remembered? 

I am certain that every person who attended that funeral, like me, left with the renewed determination to live their lives just a little bit better.  We momentarily stop and think about what we have to look forward to after we die, what happens to our families after we die.  We “look up” in a sense and see things from an eternal perspective.  We tend to recommit to trying a little harder each day, to be our best selves.


 Picture your best self.  What do you look like?  What do you spend your time doing?  How do you treat your family?  For today, be that person.  Recognize that true happiness comes from being and doing.
 Take a moment to purposefully hug and kiss those you love.  Hold them close, you never know when that sweet moment will be your last.

Sending love and virtual hugs to all of you!