Get A Dog Or A Cat

#4 of 365 Ways To Be Happy
You notice this post is not titled “Get A Pet?”  
That’s because a hamster or a tweety bird is just not going to give you the same feel good vibes like man’s best friend does, or a soft purry kitty.  
According to my mother, I’ve always had a tender spot in my heart for animals, big and small.  My dog we had growing up was named Puddles and I think it was a border Collie and chihuahua mix.  I loved that dog until the day she wandered off delirious, and died.
Then, when my husband and I got married, he surprised me with our first “baby” named Honey.  She was a pure bred yellow Lab.  How we adored her!  She was the town’s favorite dog.  Everyone loved Honey.  She had certain neighbors who she would visit.  Rick’s grandma would save the leftovers from her Sunday roast for Honey, and a couple times a week, Honey would show up at her back door, (back door friends are best!) scratch as if to “Hello!  I’m here!”, to get her special meal from Grandma.  My dad and brothers always looked forward to pheasant hunting season with Honey.  She had the best nose and LOVED the hunt!  Even my father in law would catch himself waving to Honey, when he saw her as he was driving through town.  He would comment on how silly he felt waving to a dog.
We had to put her down when she got cancer.
Hardest. Thing. Ever.
Now, we have accumulated a few cats.  Three to be exact.  Unfortunately they all hate each other, because they are all strays that have made our home their home, at different times.  But each thinks  she is our favorite.  
Meet Crackers.
 She is the original.  She and I have a deep bond, because she came to me one day “telling” me that she needed my help.  I could tell, and so I followed her.  I saved the life of one of her babies.
Meet Callie kitty.
 She’s not so lovey, but has become so a little more after having a batch of kitties last spring.
I love baby kitties!

 The day after we finally found homes for all of her kitties…

Meeko showed up.

Meet Meeko.

  She is definitely the family favorite because she is just so funny, with so much personality!
She loves LOVE!  She’s a touchy feely kitty, and so cute with her one orange hind leg.
 So, to wrap up, pets are great mood boosters, even therapeutic!  Read how pets can affect your mood and your health here
I’m off to pet my feline friend!
Have a beautiful day!