I Love To See The Temple


I was scrolling through my video file, thinking that one day I really should organize them better, when I came across this one.  This video was taken as a little gift for my mom and dad who were serving their mission in Greece.  It makes me laugh, it melts my heart, and it makes me realize how fast time flies! 
In a way, it seems like just yesterday I was recording this, but then again, I look at these two now, and holy cow!  They have grown up so much. 
It makes me wonder, am I cherishing these days like I should?  They will never be this age again.  I won’t ever get today back.  Am I being aware of the things which count?  Do I put my children first?   Time is elusive.  It gets away from us fast.   
Hug those little ones….
they will be bigger tomorrow.  🙂