Have You Heard The Sound Of Frost?


Today while I was running, I had the most awesome experience!   I was running in the tracks in the snow when I noticed the snow was like nothing I have ever seen. (…And I’ve been around a little snow in my lifetime!)  The frost was actually standing up in little crystallized formations on the snow.  I could not help myself and had to squat right down and take a closer look.

Can you see the sparkle?  Look at all of those little sparkly diamonds!  Where the frost was standing up, it caught the morning sunshine just perfectly!  I was wishing I was running with my daughters’ Rebel T3I and not my phone, (that’d be cute!) this picture doesn’t really do it justice. 

Funny short story…. I was writing this post and my way smart husband came and sat down beside me.   The original title of this post was “Have You Heard The Sound Of Snow.” 
He said, “You know that’s frost, don’t you?”
He went on to explain that it’s called “hoar frost.”
 I had no idea actually….. and how the heck does he know that?  I turned to him and said that exact thing.  “How in the world do you know something like that??”

Does everybody know this?
Am I the only one who didn’t?

Anyway… that’s beside the point.  Let’s move on to the fun part.
I bent down to run my hand along the frost, and it actually made a beautiful noise!  It topped off my  morning run perfectly, out in the silence with no one around, only the beauty of nature communicating with my spirit.
It’s quiet, you might want to put on the headphones.