Fun With My Daughter

As a mother of teenagers, I realize that my days hanging out with my kids are numbered.  When they were younger, we would go on what we called “mommy dates” together, just the two of us, each child at a time.  Those are priceless days!  It’s a great way to bond that precious relationship between mother and child without any other children around, and my attention all to her/him.
Today I had one of those days.  It was very spontaneous and so much fun!
 Sheylee and I were the only ones home, just putting around the house, doing what we do, when I said to her, “Hey!  Let’s go to a matinee.”  
She brightened up and was on board immediately! 
 (As a college student, she appreciates anytime she can go somewhere and not have to pay for herself!!)
I’ve always enjoyed doing things with her, and it is something I hope to enjoy forever –
 as long as she lives close by!