Give A Genuine Compliment


I had a very happy moment today at church.  I love church anyway, it always rejuvenates my spirit, and I love seeing everyone who I love, but today was a little different.  
As I was walking out of the room at the end of church,  I walked past 3 dear friends of mine, sitting on the back row.  I said a big lovey “hello” to all of them, because I do, I love them all. 
That’s when I was literally showered (blindsided, I would say) with the nicest compliments, not from just one of them, but from all three!  At first, I was a little embarrassed, you know with the spotlight right on me from these sweet ladies.  Sometimes, isn’t it hard to accept compliments? But after the first gave me the nicest compliment, the other two piped in with more of the nicest things you could imagine, I was completely humbled and overwhelmed by the genuine outpouring of love!
All I can say is… it absolutely made my entire day!  It makes me love these ladies even more!
Why not do that for someone else?

I have found that not only receiving, but giving compliments makes me happy.  Go give a genuine, sincere compliment and make someone’s day today.  Or completely challenge yourself, and compliment everyone you come in close contact with today!
I’m doin’ it!

Have a happy day!


Image credit: creativemarc / 123RF Stock Photo