Go Ahead And Have A Cupcake (…or two)


I love spending Super Bowl Sunday with my family!  There is almost nothing better than staying home on a Sunday anyway, but throw in a good football game and a reason to indulge in lots of great treats?
Sign me up!
Having said all that, I was really trying to be a good girl.  I didn’t want to gain 5 lbs, I didn’t want to feel boated and yucky all day with no energy, and I was doing really good!  I was limiting my portions, eating some good protein treats, going easy on the chips, etc.  But my daughter and I made some cupcakes, and I really wanted one.  Let me just say, that I usually don’t eat cupcakes and the reason is that I don’t like the way I feel afterward.  But today, I really felt like having a cupcake.  They looked extra yummy to me, and the smell was like heaven in a cupcake liner, but I was holding fast to my goals.
By the end of the day, having been a good girl all day, I just couldn’t say no.
I caved.
I not only ate that cupcake, but I grabbed her sister and ate that one, too.

It was a good day.  
Sometimes you just have to say yes to the good things in life!
Which is what I did, and I highly recommend it! 
All I can say is…….it’s a good thing I didn’t cave earlier in the day, or I would have completely derailed the “fit train!”
Here’s to a little self restraint early in the day!

Now, go have that cupcake you’ve been dying for…