9 of the Worst Spring Fashion Ideas


The weather is cold, and I still have snow covering my whole lawn, but my thoughts are already turning toward Spring!  I’m already excited to put away the sweaters and break out the short sleeved shirts!  Today I thought it would be fun to post some of the creative accessories I’ve seen out there.  I have to think to myself, are people really wearing this stuff?!  Or am I just getting old?
Do not answer that.
I’m all about DIY’s, but this one’s new to me…
Doritos hair bag bow
I’m on the lookout for a new one…. maybe I should get this
 ultimate beach bag?  

I always love a new pair of shades and these babies caught me eye…

In the market for a new  necklace?
How about this one…nothing says “oh hello there statement necklace!” quite like this one does.

You just might be one of the first lucky ladies on your block, to own one of these
 Ipad hats
Every woman needs a new pair of sandals for the season….

Or if comfort is more your thing…
Grass sandals

Looking for a prince? How about a Frog Bow Tie for the man in your life?


Finally….Wow your lady friends when you walk into church wearing these bad boys!

and I thought leggings for pants were bad.
Leggings for pants are bad.
How about we all remember the timeless words of
 Coco Chanel:
 “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”
Words to live by this Spring. 

Enjoy the day!