Dare to Stand Alone


Our Stake Presidency sent a letter out to be read to all the wards, asking that each family have an evening of Mormon Messages.  I got so excited about it, because I love the Mormon Messages, and not only that, what is more fun than sitting around and eating popcorn together as a family and watching videos?  Especially videos that have a great message for kids and teens?  This is one that we watched that was very fitting for our family at this particular time.  
We have recently been talking with our kids about having to stand up with courage and do the right thing, even when others are not.  That is a hard thing, and takes real determination and bravery!  Every day our kids are faced with instances where they can choose to stand up for what’s right, or not.  This is a great video to sit down and watch with your family. My favorite part:
 “We’re never alone, when we stand with our Father in Heaven.”