Clean Out The Junk Drawer


Oh how I wish I had a “before” picture for this little project!  
In fact, the only reason I snapped a photo of it, was to send to my daughter at college so she could see the difference!  This was once affectionately called the “junk drawer.”  Every home has one, I think.   It was the drawer that you could find just about anything in….from pens and pencils, to tape measures and glue sticks.  On occasion, I’d  find primary stickers and shotgun shells. 
After so many years of digging through it to find what I needed, I finally got serious with it one day.  
Pulled everything out, (threw away a lot of it!) wiped down the inside, bought a liner, and only put back what I wanted to be there.
That was a year and a half ago.  I still love pulling open my drawer to find exactly what I need, so neat and organized!  Imagine the picture below with all of that stuff plus, oh probably 10x more all mixed in together!
Conquering clutter, one junk drawer at a time. 🙂
Couldn’t be happier, even to this day it puts a smile on my face!
Go clean out your junk drawer and experience a little “homemaker’s bliss” today!