Sweet Serendipity


Serendipity: A fortuitous happenstance,
 a pleasant surprise,
 or happy accident.
Sheylee just recently returned from a weekend of exploring Jackson, Wyoming with some friends.  When she returned, she shared some of her pictures with me, and that’s when it happened.  This particular picture, with her boyfriend stood out to me instantly:
Sheylee and Garrett  (2014)

My mind flashed back to 23 years ago when I took the same little weekend trip with some of my friends to Jackson, and took a picture 
with my boyfriend at the time,
in the EXACT same place:
Me and Rick  (1989)
Ohhh for the love of hair..
How fun is that?
Now that to me, is one happy accident!
Enjoy the day, and relish those serendipitous moments!