Activated Almonds


Those of you who know me, know that I am a lover of nuts.  All kinds: raw, roasted, salted, candy-coated, chocolate covered and formed into clusters, doesn’t matter, I love ’em!
Back when I did my first detox, I learned about the importance of soaking my almonds that I eat as a snack.  According to “the experts” you should soak your almonds overnight, or at least for 12 hours.  They claim that it “activates them” or brings the raw nut to life making it easier for your body to digest, therefore absorbing more of the nutrients and enzymes that make raw almonds so good for you. 

Here’s how:
Place almonds in a bowl of water that completely covers them, and refrigerate overnight.  In the morning, drain the almonds.  Simple.  You can dehydrate them on low heat for 6-12 hours, to bring the crunch back, but I don’t.  I like them straight out of the water, with a little sea salt, eaten like a snack or added to one of my healthy breakfasts.  Make sure to store them in the refrigerator.  
I am not one of those “experts,” and don’t claim to know everything about activated almonds, but I do think they look more alive, don’t you?
I just love them! 
You can try them for yourself and do your own research;  there is information about them all over the internet. 
Have a happy day!