Family Home Evening – Preparing for General Conference

Tonight’s family night is a very simple one.  We have lots to look forward to this week, especially General Conference beginning on Saturday, which only happens twice yearly, when we get to gather our kids in front of the tv, computer, tablet, radio, whatever, and hear the living Prophet!  Those are my two favorite Sundays of the year!
Can’t wait. 
But before that happens, our thoughts are turned to my sweet, sweet Dad who will undergo open heart surgery on Wednesday.  
Oh, how I love my Dad!  We held a family fast on Sunday and are optimistic that the surgery will go well.  I believe in the power of prayer.  I also believe in the power of fasting.  But I believe that prayer and fasting are undeniably more powerful when coupled together.  It was a very sweet experience to fast and pray with my husband and children, for my sweet Dad.

Back to family night.

I encouraged my kids to prepare themselves for conference by:

  1. Asking in their prayers that they will “hear” the messages that Heavenly Father wants for them specifically.
  2. Thinking about a problem or issue in their life, and listening for messages that will give them inspiration regarding them.  
  3. Making sure they get enough sleep the few days before Conference, so they will be alert and awake while they listen.  

Of course we will be playing our traditional “conference bingo” and eating our delicious blueberry muffins.  Pretty sure I will making this yummy quick bread this year, though!  Mmmm so good!
Hopefully it will be a beautiful spring day, so in between sessions we can go for a nice walk in this gorgeous countryside we are so fortunate to live in!

 Ahhh… Conference weekend.
It does my heart good.