Family Home Evening – Honesty

I was asked to substitute for a teacher in Primary this past Sunday, and the lesson was on Jacob, the son of Isaac.  He wanted to marry Rachel.  Laban, Rachel’s father, said he would allow him to marry her if he worked for him.  After 7 years, Laban gave Jacob his other daughter Leah instead.  He had not kept his word.  Jacob had to work another 7 years before he could marry Rachel. 
To begin our family night lesson, I told the family that after the opening prayer, I would get them all some Rainbow Sherbet from the kitchen and they could eat it while I taught the lesson. 
(Rainbow Sherbet does NOT last long in our house!!)
 So after the prayer was said, I went into the kitchen and came back with a plate of raw broccoli.  Of course they were all disappointed, and I told them to eat the broccoli and then they could have some sherbet after the lesson was over.  
Nobody ate the broccoli.  
I told them the story about Jacob and asked them why it is important to keep their word?
I had them read Exodus 20:16, and we talked about what it means to “bear false witness.”  I had Rick tell his story about when they were on a job once, and he had laid so many feet of the wrong pipe.  It was all back filled in, when he realized it was the wrong pipe.  Nobody knew, and he could have left it there, but knew he had to be honest, and pull it all out, start over, and lay the right pipe at his own expense.  Then, I reminded the kids of the time we had found a $20 bill in the corn maze, and turned it in to the ticket lady.  
Honesty is always the best policy.  Ask one of the older kids to repeat the 13th Article of Faith
Then, I passed out Rainbow Sherbet while they watched this awesome video:
Happy Family Night!