Date Night With The Beatles

Ahhhh Rick and I had the best date night ever!
We got tickets to this:
Rick LOVES the Beatles, as do I, so we were very excited to go hear some popular oldies, and we were not disappointed!  Although these guys were just dressed up in copy-cat outfits and pretty darn good Beatles’ wigs, they have done their homework on their performer because they were SPOT ON!   Their movements, their stances, their accents, everything was just like we were watching the actual Beatles there in the theater!  
Our night began at the always delicious Gia’s Italian Restaurant.  I had the shrimp scampi pasta, and Rick had the Cacciatore which he said was one of the best dishes he’s ever tasted!
(I snapped this picture after the show)
Then we had some time before the show to stroll down the block for some chocolates from the famous Bluebird.  
 I love the Ellen Eccles Theater!  It’s really old, opened in 1923, fell into disrepair and neglect for awhile and then restored and reopened in 1993.  It has all of the beautiful, theatrical architecture of an old opera house with ornate plasterwork and stunning murals of the Mythological Phoenix.  I tried to snap a few photos of it’s beauty before the show started because there were absolutely NO CELL PHONES OR CAMERAS during the show.
My phone camera is crappy.  It hasn’t been the same since dropping it in ham juice.  Yes, ham juice.
Made friends with this cute door lady.  Offered her some chocolates that we picked up at the Bluebird.  She happily accepted, saying chocolate is her weakness.  We are soul sisters.  

A big mirror calls for a quick stairway selfie…
Inside the theater..
The beautiful Mythological Phoenix which symbolizes renewal or rebirth…
The gathering crowd, mostly old people, Ha!

Rick dressed up in true concert attire!
Of course the ONE picture I let Rick take, turned out blurry, but this was a meet and greet after the performance.  They were shaking hands and visiting with people when I handed my phone to Rick and said, “Here, take a picture!”  I ran up behind them, put my hands on their shoulders, and I don’t think anyone has ever done that to them before.  They panicked a little, as if I got past security or something.  I told them I only wanted a picture, and wasn’t going to hurt them.  Haha!
But what made the night great, was the music.
The fabulous music!!!
It’s simply happy music.  It makes you want to dance, and clap and sing along.  Every single song!  How were they so great?  I still love listening to them!  Some of my favorites,

I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Hey Jude
Plus, I loved learning The Beatles’ story.  For instance, I had no idea that their manager committed suicide and subsequently inspired them to write this song.
It was so great, but words can’t describe the good feelings amplified, until you hear this music loud and in concert!  I feel like I’ve been to a Beatles concert!  They were just that good.

It’s amazing what great music can do for the soul.  We walked out of that theater feeling like all was good in the world. 

Now off you go to work, or cleaning the house, or PTA, or school, and I have a suggestion for you.
Why not plug this song in, and listen to it nice and loud, and sing a long with it!  It will rejuvenate you!
That’s what I’m a-doin right now!