Mothers Day 2014


  I love you Mom!
The older I get the more I am so thankful for the mother that raised me!  “All that I am…is because of my angel mother”- said Abraham Lincoln and me!  How I wish I could go back in time, and watch how she handled everyday, how she raised 8 seemingly normal, well adjusted children, how she maintained callings, how she lived through our obnoxious teenage years, how she managed to keep her sanity through it all!  Where did she get the energy?  She continues to be an example to me, and I’m trying hard to be just like her when I grow up!
(I’ve got a long way to go!)
I feel so lucky to live close enough to spend time together for our own Mother’s Day get together every year, flower shopping and lunch together!

Found this funny sign while we were at the garden center,
“The hoe is in the garden getting dirty.”
This year sweet Tiff came along, adding to the fun, even though she doesn’t know one thing about flowers!

Back at home on Mother’s Day, my own sweet Shey surprised me with the best Sunday dinner, Chicken Parmesan!  What a treat!
She is quite a cook and I love her to pieces!  What a beautiful and tender spirit she has.  So many of my favorite life moments have been spent with her!
 Love the little photo bombers in the back… 🙂
I am so blessed to be the mother of such great kids!  They are everything to me and made me feel so special!

I couldn’t help but think of my big Sam, who will be leaving shortly on a mission, and how the next two Mother’s Days will be spent seeing him via Skype….. oh my gosh, how I love him!  He’s not a real touchy feely type.. I really wanted to interlock arms, or hold his big hand, or squeeze his cute cheek, but he preferred I not even touch him.  I’m reeeeeally trying hard to keep my hands off him, in this picture!

It was a beautiful day for me!  As I was going to bed, I saw another little note folded up on my pillow.  I hadn’t cried all day….
until I opened this sweet note. 
It was worth at least 10 cheek squeezes!!!