The Voice Of Color


Recently I was in my favorite paint store in my area buying some paint for my bathroom re-do, when I saw a sign up sheet for a color show.  But what really caught my eye, was where it said attendees would receive a coupon good for a free gallon of paint!  Knowing my upcoming plans for my house, I jumped right onto that sign up sheet!
It was a show hosted by The Voice of Color which is a company that specializes in style and color trends for homes and businesses. 
When the day came, I wondered just how informative the show would be, but was content just knowing I’d get a coupon for B1G1Free paint.  
What I didn’t know, and was pleasantly surprised by, was that they were going to serve a gorgeous and “colorful” food buffet!
I filled up my plate, found a chair, and snapped a picture.
When they introduced the speaker, I learned that they hold this show once a year, and made a mental note.  Ima be coming back.  😉
We all got a bag of goodies, like this one in the picture.
I can’t remember who this guy is, one of the 20 color stylists that they employ from around the world, but boy does he know IT ALL about color!!  I had to be sneaky to snap this picture cause I was on the front row!
I learned so much from him.  But one of the favorite things I came away with, was this color palette of gorgeous Atmospheric Neutrals!
Just look how pretty!
And check this out… If you pick a paint color, and you’re wondering how to decorate around it, there are 5 color combinations that take all the guess work out of it for you! Because when you design a room, it’s never about one color.   I love this and will definitely be using it!
For example, you may have this color paint on the walls, but then you might do these other colors in furniture, pillows, window treatments etc., to make a perfectly pulled together space.

Hashtag genius.

It was time well spent, and I would highly recommend going to one of these local shows in your area!  I wanted to take this guy home with me and walk him through my house and keep him as my personal designer.  But unfortunately, he was catching the next flight out.
Just kidding.
But I did get my beloved coupon, so I went home a happy girl!
Their website is the handiest tool.  You can upload photos of your own room, then virtually paint them to visualize how it would look.


Want to find colors for your next project?
Upload your own photos to the room painter here. 
See the 5 color combinations here.
Don’t know where to start?
 You can find out your own color personality by taking this little quiz.  

I hope this gives you a little inspiration for your home!

I am off to paint!