Memorial Day 2014

There is nothing quite like an extra long weekend… especially towards the end of the school year!  This Memorial Day weekend was a “feel good” weekend for all of us, and even though the kids headed out the door back to school today, their hearts are happy because there are only 3 days left before summer break! 
I couldn’t be happier!
Sheylee (my oldest) brought up an interesting point to me yesterday.  She has noticed how happy I am that school is ending, but also that I’m happy in the fall when school is about to begin.  I guess I am ready for each season as they come around.  I love the change!  
Right now I’m looking forward to warm days, sunshine, swim suits, pools, lakes, bike rides, cookouts, cold fruit, otter pops, sleep ins, and the pea patch!  

But I’m jumping ahead… back to Memorial Day.

We thought we knew where to find Grandma and Grandpa Staley’s grave, but it sure took us a long time to find it! 

Two of my favorite people, Grandma and Grandpa Allen.

I have to explain the winter snow boots with shorts.  They are his defense against our new puppy’s bite.  He puts the boots on every time he leaves the house. 

Exploring headstones…

The evening sun casting long shadows.

These two making an alien shadow..

I was stopped in my tracks for the beauty of the night!  Something about peeking through the pine trees to see a gorgeous countryside and a darling red barn against the sunlit hills…so pretty!

Night time rides in the back of Dad’s truck, always good memories.

Back home for a nice fire and s’mores!

With Grandma and Grandpa

And our newest family member.  🙂

A nice way to kick off the summer!