Sam’s Seminary Graduation

I remember my Dad telling us kids when we were in high school that Seminary was the most important class of all the classes we were taking.  Now that I’m a parent, I agree!  I am so happy that my kids have loved seminary and I’m sure their awesome teachers have everything to do with that!
Who doesn’t love an energetic seminary teacher who infuses the joy of the gospel into your soul in a fun and inspiring way?!
As we drove to the Stake Center for Sam’s Seminary Graduation, the feeling in the air was tangible.  You know what I mean?  As school is nearing it’s end, the anticipation of graduation, summertime, warm and sunny days, relaxed schedules, I could feel the excitement in the air!
I was so proud as they called Sam’s name and he walked across the stand shaking hands first with the Stake President, then with his Bishop, and then his Seminary teacher to receive his certificate and diploma.  Unexpectedly, my heart swelled up like a balloon and tears flowed unrestrainably
 from my eyes.  My son, though gentle on the inside, was to me in that moment, the most mighty, noble, and pure warrior for righteousness!  When did he grow up to be such a humble, good, and valiant man?  

 Time seemed to stand still as his life, up until now, flashed through my head.

How is it possible that he is almost 19, graduating from seminary, and from high school, and about to be set apart as a missionary?  The mother’s heart in me is having a difficult time processing all of this.  Just yesterday he was my little stuttering boy who loved scary lions and dump trucks!

Amazing how time flies, and how my heart could just about burst with pride!
I really, really like this kid!
Hug ’em tight moms!