Meet Toby


Instead of “Toby,” I may start to refer to our puppy as “this year’s challenge.”
I was fully aware of what we were getting into when we got him, as I’ve had a puppy and know that it’s two years of teaching, training, chewed hoses, etc., but oh boy!
Worth it!
He was so tiny and precious when we picked him out!
If he turns out to be anything like his father, he will be huge!  It’s hard to tell just how big he is in this picture.  He is one of the biggest labs I’ve ever seen!  Look how much larger he is than the mother!
The cats weren’t quite as excited as we were, to have a little puppy at our home.
But the lady at the vet’s office fell in love!
As did all of us!
Meanwhile, he’s getting bigger…
And bigger…
And we still just adore him!  This is how our walks go….
Who is walking who?
So funny!  
What a fun addition to our family!
*Oh… an interesting side note*
In the picture above, can you see the little bird flying right above the pup?  It came swooping out from those trees to the side of us, brushed past Kade’s arm, and landed on the ground right in front of the dog!  Good thing Calli had a good hold on the leash! 
And speaking of torture …. (were we talking about torture?)  I’m not sure the bunny OR the puppy like this much!   Haha!  (Click here)