Father’s Day 2014

It was a good Father’s Day at our house, but since my phone was dropped in ham juice and the camera takes awful pictures, I didn’t get many pictures of the day.  
(I know I need to take my phone in!!)
But how lucky we are to have a real man in our house, a provider, a protector, a comfort, a friend, and someone who keeps us laughing all the time!  
He’s a pretty great guy and an exceptional dad.  
We love him so much!

Of course I can’t forget my own dad who shaped me and my 7 brothers and sisters into who we are today!  
My Dad.  Always happy.
What an example.  How I love him.
Everybody loves him!!
And then there is the hardest working man I know, who, even in his golden years, can outwork almost anybody!  He is amazing.  I’m so thankful for way that he raised his 7 children.
So very grateful for all great Dads and everything they do, absolutely priceless!