An Angry Moment At The Zoo – Caught On Camera

The last rainy day we had, Rick came home from work early in the day and said,
“Let’s go to the zoo!”
I was on board!

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been to the zoo, and I love it there.  My most memorable moment was when we were standing near the lion cages, and heard the loudest sound come out of the tiger – it wasn’t a roar, he was more of a sigh, but we felt it in our chests!  It was the loudest, deepest, coolest sound we’ve ever heard!  Ever since then, we’ve longed to hear it again at the lion cages, but haven’t heard it since.
No wonder they are King of the Jungle.
Can’t imagine hearing an actual *roar*!

Anyway, we now have a new memory of the zoo.  This one I’ll never forget either.  We had been through the whole zoo, and were heading back when Kade asked to go see the gorilla’s again.  When we got to the cages, instead of the two female gorillas, they had switched them out for a huge male!
We could have stared at him for hours, but that was the problem.  Apparently, they don’t like being stared at.  They feel threatened, or challenged.  Who knew? At a zoo?  I thought that’s what you do?!
I write poetry on the side..
We couldn’t take our eyes off him.  To look into his deep set eyes, and wonder what he was thinking.  He seems so smart, almost like a caged human.  I felt bad for him.  But at the same time was hypnotized by him.  Just then, Rick leaned in to get a really good look at his eyes.  We were mesmerized by the tapping of his fingers… wondering what that meant.
That’s when it happened, unexpectedly, and with a boom that just isn’t captured on video….

This wasn’t the first time… or the last time.  The very first time, he threw the barrel right where Calli was standing on the opposite side of the glass!  Freaked her out! We kept watching him do this over and over again.  It was fascinating!  What a large, amazing creature!

I was very thankful there was thick glass between us and him.  I would not want to meet up with this guy in the wild, but felt so lucky to get to know him….sorta….at the zoo.  Beautiful.  Interesting.