Family Home Evening – Obedience

For family night tonight, we are first going to start out by reading the current letters from the missionaries who we know that are out serving right now.  I know, we do a lot of missionary oriented family nights lately, but we have only 30 days before Sam leaves!!
Some of these missionaries write nice, long letters in great detail, and my hope is that it will give Sam a good idea about how to write home while he is out.
I’m a thinker.
And a wisher maybe….Sam is a man of few words.
After reading a couple of letters, we will delve into our lesson on obedience.
First we will read in Genesis 19:15-29  the story about Lot’s wife.
Questions:  What did Lot’s wife do?
Why do you think she did it?
What should we do when it’s sometimes hard for us to obey?
Then we will read in Genesis 6:9 – 7:11  the story of Noah.
Questions:  Do you think it was easy for Noah to obey God?
What did people think of Noah?
What if Noah had not obeyed?
Why should you obey the Lord (or mom and dad) even when it makes no sense?
Second, I am going to take a minute and talk about just 2 days ago, in our family, when little Kade made a decision to obey that affected our whole family.  You could choose to tell a story from your own life, or one that you know about a family member.
Third, we will watch these short videos… the first one is more for young children:
The second is geared toward older children.  We will watch both.


Fourth, after the videos, I will bring out some cookies.  These are not going to be good!  I’m going to whip up a small batch of cookies, using my own made up recipe.  No recipe, actually.  The point is they will be BAD.  I will tell them I did it without any recipe.
After they eat one maybe, and turn up their noses…. (I know my family!) then I will pull out a batch of our very favorite chocolate chip cookies, reminding them it’s always better to be obedient, when following a recipe or in life, then close with prayer.
I’m off to make some nasty cookies!
Happy Monday night!!!