Heaven Took Our Sweet Meeko…

Or should I say a raccoon took her?  Something…we don’t know.  Little Meeko showed up at our house last summer, a lost little baby kitty, but so so sweet and looooved to be petted!  She stole all our hearts instantly! 

So we gladly adopted her, and she’s been our favorite cat of all our 3 to show up, and that we have adopted.  However, before our trip to California, she had been missing for a week, which was not like her.  She was at our door begging to come in every morning.

She didn’t like to be outside with the other cats, they all hate each other, and Meeko was a lover not a fighter.

While we were on vacation, the sweet young woman who was taking care of our pets told us that our puppy kept dragging a dead cat into our yard.  
I asked her if the cat looked like it had one orange leg, and she told us no.  I was so relieved!
The very next morning, she sent me a text explaining that upon closer examination, it did have an orange leg. 
She will definitely be missed.  We loved her so much.  We will miss her little paw reaching out to touch us when we were not petting her.  We will miss her little short rolling meow response whenever we spoke to her.  We will miss her funniest sleeping positions!  We will miss her peaceful nature,  she was the only cat who actually tried to get a long with our new puppy.
We loved this sweet thing and will never forget her.
April (?) 2013 – July (?) 2014