Angels Camp California Pt 2

Much, if not most, of the fun we have on vacations is being together at the condo, eating yummy food, swimming, watching movies, and just enjoying each others’ company. I love these people of mine.  🙂

** Funny story, we met these cute kids at the pool who were very friendly and introduced themselves to us right away when we got there.  We told them our names, chatted for a bit, then found some chairs and Sam went to jump in the pool.  This boy’s name was Tyler, and he and his little brother couldn’t take their eyes off Sam as he did handstands and flips into the pool.  The first time he flipped into the pool, this cute boy cheered and hollered “Yeah Sam!”   “Go Sam!”  It was the cutest thing!  I laughed, and Sam felt like a movie star.  But they kept cheering with every single jump into the pool.  After soooo many times, I finally pulled out my camera and pretended to take pictures of Sam, so I could get him on video.

Too funny.
Sheylee adopted another baby to add to her collection like she does when we go anywhere
Isn’t it cute?
One day we took the family to the Mercer Caverns where we took the hour long tour of the gorgeous cavern that goes down 192 feet under the earth.  
It felt extra nice in the cool, cool cave getting out of the blazing heat…

Oops, cut off Kash…
That was right after the lady shut off all the lights… you know like they do in deep, dark caves…. when your claustrophobia is tested to it’s core…
On the way back up, we saw a stalactite that looked just like the inside of Kash’s throat with his tonsils removed!!!  (Our family gets excited about these things..)  He just had a tonsillectomy prior to this trip and was on heavy medication.  
Pretty sweet, huh?
Let’s just take a closer look at that beautiful throat…
Vacation part 3 coming up next… and a sweet lesson learned.
Stay tuned.