Angels Camp Part 3: A Sweet Lesson From the 9 Year Old

I never get sad on our way home from vacation for two reasons:  1) I’ve always enjoyed leaving on vacation, but going home is just as fun to me… and 2) The vacation continues on the way home with these kids… they are simply fun. (See THIS video.)

 I love the heck out of them.
They are my favorite people, I tell you.
First a quick gas stop to fill up both cars…
…and to wash off those nasty bugs…
… and treats for the ride.

Even Rick wanted one. 😉

We stopped in Carson City, Nevada and I decided that is one scary place!  I felt creepy the whole time we were there.  The people we saw there, would just sit alongside the road, and watch and stare… but really stare at you.  There was a very quiet, ghost town-like feel in the air.  We stopped because we had been driving awhile and were all hungry and we found this place that had big letters “FAMILY RESTAURANT.”
Do you see it here?


I’ll tell you what, we walked through those doors, looked around, and walked right back out!
Ended up going to the McDonalds drive through window, and then right back on the road!

We made another stop at the “beer can tree.”
It really was artistically beautiful in a quirky and trashy sort of way.


Then we decided to take advantage of the empty highway and have some fun.



We finally reached Elko, which is where we stayed the first night of our vacation and went to the Elko First Ward for church, you can read more about that HERE, checked into the hotel, and brought the bikes inside so they wouldn’t get stolen.

It was a Saturday night, we were all tired from a long day of traveling, so we made the plan to skip church the next morning and head straight for home sweet home.
As I was tucking the kids in bed, I came to little Kade and noticed a sad disposition and wondered what could be wrong?  We just had pizza, he was tucked into a cozy bed, he was so excited to see the puppy again….what on earth could he be sad about?

“Because we are not going to church tomorrow.”

“And that makes you sad?”

“Yes, because I always try to do what’s right.”

My heart stopped.
Then it melted.
What a good little boy he is.  We have always taught the kids to do the right thing, to go to church, to obey the commandments, to be a good person.  At that moment Rick and I both felt like we had been taught a good lesson.  There was NO WAY we were skipping church tomorrow!

Even though we were all very tired and had been staying up late all vacation, we woke up early, got dressed, had breakfast, and went to the good old Elko First Ward.  Our new friends were very happy to see us again!
It felt good to be to church and doing the right thing.
We were all happy,
and Kade was happy.
I hugged him and thanked him for setting such a good example for us.

15 minutes later, he was fast asleep on my lap.

Bless his tired little heart for always trying to do the right thing.
Oh how I love him. ♥