Thrift Store Art

I was coming home one afternoon from a shopping trip with mom, sister, and friend, when I decided to swing into Shey’s place and take her with me to the Thrift store.  She has taken up the love of getting great deals for cheap, just like me, so she jumped at the chance!  I haven’t been there all summer long, which is A-typical seeing as it’s one of my favorite stores in the valley!
It felt good to walk through those doors again.


We started out in the clothing section, I was looking for a cute denim shirt but didn’t find one.  Found lots of denim shirts, but they were not cute!
Shey wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but she came out with a haul!

We made it through most of the store, and I was unsuccessful in finding anything that I wanted to spend money on, until found these sitting on a table..they were in perfect shape I had been looking for something to go in our half bathroom.

Let’s just zoom in on that price tag…

I loved the frames but wanted to swap out the pictures for something more personal, something more meaningful to our family, but nothing really fancy.
Instead of family pictures, (those will be elsewhere in the house) or beach scenes, (I have TONS of beach scenes from vacations)  I decided on our pets.  It’s only a half bath after all….
So I went outside and snapped this picture:

Then I rounded up an old picture of our all time favorite kitty and got all giddy inside, they were just what I wanted!


Hung them above the toilet in the bathroom and voila!
I could not be happier!
Pictures coming.  🙂