Updated Laundry Room

Everyone needs to do this!
(I’m speaking to those of you who have a less than desirable laundry room.)
I’m telling you, laundry used to be a drudgery, but now I’m skipping to the laundry room every morning to wash clothes!  
I’m washing clothes… I’m washing bedding… I’m telling the kids to go roll around in the dirt and
 BRING ME THEIR CLOTHES TO WASH … not really… I’m not to that point yet…
 but I am in love with my new laundry room!

Are you ready to be in love with laundry again?
Here’s how you do it.
1.  Add some trim.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, and there doesn’t have to be a lot of it.  
2.  Paint your cabinets.  I think white cabinets in a laundry room just makes things seem so clean and fresh.  While you’re at it, pick out some new and updated knobs for your cabinet doors.
3.  Paint the walls a beautiful neutral.  You can always add a splash of color with a rug or piece of artwork, but having a neutral color on the walls adds to the clean look.
4.  Get a new rug.  It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a new rug just looks and feels so good in your newly updated laundry room.  It’s amazing how a rug puts that finishing touch on a room! 
That’s it!
Just take a look at my laundry room after making those 4 changes.
Again, like I said HERE, I have no “before” photos, my mistake, I SO wish I did!  I was just so anxious to update my laundry room that the minute I had all the equipment to start the project, I jumped right in!
So just imagine some really really ugly “before’s”.

Here’s the best I have of a few “before” shots:
Ew the green…
And here’s the AFTER:

Now, remember those cabinets used to be plain golden oak, you know the look, with gold knobs.
See them back HERE.
Don’t they look so much better?

My DIY coat rack from THIS post is now a nice feature on this wall.

A little look through the mirror on the pantry door just because…

Another one done!

Now, on to the entry way, where there’s a whole lotta planking going on!