Magnesium Oil

I have always known that magnesium is an important mineral that most people are lacking, but recently, I read that for every molecule of sugar you consume, it takes over 50 molecules of magnesium to process it.
Imagine that!  How many molecules of sugar are in a Firehouse Fazookie?  Because yeah …..I had one today.

Any of us who eat sugar, (raising my hand) no wonder we don’t have enough magnesium in our systems!
How important is that especially after Halloween?
I KNOW I KNOW…. enough about sugar!!!  Please forgive… the last few posts have been all about sugar,
but it’s on my mind,
 and it’s important,
and I’m recovering from Halloween.  

SO.  Back to magnesium.  Look at all the things it helps control!
  •  ADHD in our kids, 
  • anxiety, (raising my hand again)
  •  insomnia, pain relief,
  •  inflammation, 
  • it increases strength and endurance,
  •  supports a healthy immune system, 
  • maintains strong bones and healthy teeth,
  •  regulates blood sugar.
  •  it keeps your heart beating regularly, and
  • it keeps your muscles and nervous system working properly! 
    I’m sure my kids get way more sugar than they need, so this feels good to me, to be supplementing them with this important mineral.  They can’t swallow pills, that’s why
    I love the idea of a transdermal application in the form of an oil that can be rubbed right into the skin for maximum absorption.  I’m sure there are many out there, but after reading reviews, I have just ordered THIS one from a company called Ancient Minerals.

    This TOTALLY sounds like a bad commercial, but I promise, I have no affiliation with this particular oil at all!!!
    It’s just something I’ve learned about recently and wanted to try for myself,
    and thought I’d pass along the information.

    Not convinced?  Read more about magnesium oil

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