There’s A Whole Lotta Planking Going On..

This stairway job has been a much bigger project than I had imagined it would be!  Mostly because of the height challenge that my U shaped stairway presents.
But it’s coming along very nicely, and I’m very happy with the results so far!
 These are the planks that I picked up from Lowes.
I really had to pick through to get the packages with less damage on the ends, it’s no wonder they are called “economy.”

I started by installing a simple baseboard strip at the bottom, then started cutting planks on an angle to fit.

I decided to only go up as far as ground level on this wall and then cap it off with a little decorative trim.

But then go clear to the top here, to make it more of a statement wall.
Don’t pay attention to the little strip on the right, that will all make sense later.
I’ll just say we had to come up with a plan to work around the stair rail right there.

One thing I love about the tongue and groove planks is that I don’t have to pre paint this red wall, it is completely blocked out.
Right about this point, I ran out of planks and told the kids I was going to go to Lowe’s to buy more, when I heard,
“Mom, we got more planks!”

I went to the living room to see what they were talking about and found this:

If you’re not familiar with “planking” just do a quick google search, but even then it won’t make much sense…

So funny, and the planking didn’t end there…. it carried on throughout Lowe’s.

When my cute missionary saw these pictures, he of course, jumped on the bandwagon over there in Indiana!

Ouch.  That one hurts to look at.
Silly kids.
Back to the wall planks.  We are about done, lots of spackle, wood filler, and then a nice fresh coat of white paint will have this stairway looking sweet!

Check back for the finished project!