Gingerbread House Inspiration

Tonight is one of our family’s favorite nights of the year!
We are decorating gingerbread houses and then watching the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional together as a family!  
So I was looking around at some A-MAZING gingerbread houses and thought I’d share some of my favorites!  From simple to over the top, here are some great ideas to make your little houses look fantastic!
This roof!

The detail on one this is unbelievable!

Love the name plate!

Love everything about this house including the little bears in the mud pit? I’m guessing?

But those butter mint windows and little marshmallow snowmen!  Clever!

The pathway to this house is my favorite!

This Kit Kat roof!!!


Cute steps and bushes!


Ahhhh they are all so beautiful!
Pretty sure ours won’t be quite so amazing, but they will be ours!
That’s guaranteed!