Wall Stencils

I’m really drawn to stencils lately and thinking I need try it out in my home.  What I love is the beautiful look of wallpaper but without the cost!  I guess the actual cost (besides the paint) is your time.
For me, I especially love those with subtle differences between the two colors like this one, for example.

The neutral colors in this stencil really add texture and provide a gorgeous backdrop to an otherwise uninteresting space.

I love everything about this one, the whimsical circle pattern and color are perfect!

 I think if I were to stencil a color, this beautiful color might be the one.  Love it.
Found on Houzz



 Of all these stencil options, I think this actual pattern is my absolute favorite!  What a difference it makes in this darling nursery!

Imagine the statement this one would make in your house!

Wow, fancy!  I really like how the crisp white balances the bold stencil pattern in this bedroom.

Maybe you don’t dare stencil a whole wall?  How about just a little nook, or maybe the back of a shelving unit?
Original source unknown


So many graphic designs and patterns to suit anyone’s taste!


  I like how the large, picture windows keep this big, bold pattern from taking over the room.  So pretty!