Spice Organization

I finally organized my spice cupboard and how I wish I had a before picture!!  I have got to get better at that!
Imagine spice after spice, some duplicates, in no particularly organized manner, a mess.
But then!
I was browsing through Bed Bath and Beyond and found THIS awesome shelf:
I purchased it plus it’s little sister shelf:
Took them home, pulled all my spices out, washed the insides of the cupboards, then put them all back on these neat little steps.
Look how nice! It makes seeing all of my spices so much easier!  
Love Love Love!

I’m going back to get another one for the upper shelf!

Rick reminded me that I could have built a custom shelf out of leftover wood from my trim projects, but why do that?  Easy peasy, and way less time consuming. 🙂

Oh man, I’m organizing one cupboard after another and it feels good!
I’m trying to get the organizing done quickly so I can get back to the fun stuff!