In Strawberry Heaven

I am up to my ears in strawberries and that makes me happy.

When strawberries go on sale for $.99/lb I buy them up and freeze them for our daily smoothies, but of course I keep out several boxes to eat fresh in some of our favorite desserts.

I’ve already made strawberry shortcake TWICE, once from a box and once using THIS homemade angel food cake recipe.  It turned out beautiful, looking exactly like it does in this photo, I mean… picture perfect, and oh so delicious!  It’s a keeper.  
Another favorite of mine are Stuffed Strawberries.
I love to make these for baby showers, bridal showers, or just as a sweet after school surprise.  You cannot eat just one of these babies!  Click HERE for my favorite recipe, but I like to add mini chocolate chips either mixed into the cream cheese mixture or sprinkled right on top. 
( I use orange extract instead of orange liqueur.)
And oh my, but seriously, you can’t skip through strawberry season without making a
for your family!  Sometimes I make it with a delicious cream cheese base topped with strawberries like THIS recipe.
Other times I make it by filling up the pie shell with whole strawberries in a strawberry jello mixture, topped with whipped cream.  Like THIS one.
Either way, it ups my “awesome factor” and makes the family happy.