Mother’s Day Skype

One of my favorite things about having a missionary?
Being able to Skype!
The family is crazy with anticipation in the hours before it is to take place!
(Let’s be honest *the mother* is crazy with anticipation…)
But I’m so thankful for technology so we can see this cute face!!!

He’s still the same boy…

 …who makes us smile!

We skyped for a good amount of time, and that’s exactly what it was… a good time, well spent, all of us together as a family.
Well, sort of together. 😉
Here is the update.  
He is doing so well, he is loving the city of Chicago and learning Chicago etiquette like how you do NOT put ketchup on Chicago dogs….Apparently it’s a big no-no. 
 Instead, they are “dragged through the garden” they call it because of all the vegetable toppings.
I may have to branch out I guess, ketchup is the one and ONLY thing I ever put on a hot dog.
They got to visit the United Center where the Chicago Bulls play.
They found a Chicago bug in their kitchen sink one morning, apparently these bugs are only found in Chicago?
He has enjoyed every one of his companions so far…
…and just recently got a Macklemore haircut!  

He is learning so much, meeting so many great people, busy doing lots and lots of service, and growing in so many ways!  I could not be more proud of him!