A Wedding Video

Just have to brag AGAIN about my daughters mad videography skills.
Here’s her latest wedding video.

**Side note:  She asked me to hang with her at the reception, so I actually make an appearance in this video!  You can see me at 4:48 in the back right corner acting like I belong there, helping myself to a plate of food at 5:05, and again at 7:20 pretending like I’m an adoring family member watching them drive away!   Haha!  I didn’t know a soul there, including the bride and groom, but each person I spoke with, thought I was a friend or family member of the other one that they were there for.  Sneaky!  At one point, I even caught myself laughing and saying to Kaylee’s mother, “Oh, isn’t that just like Jordan?!”
I crack myself up!

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