The Mullet Woven Tassel

Third child graduated!
Wow.  It just seems like yesterday….he was a cute little blondie with a contagious laugh that made all of us laugh, with his funny little hot dog eating face and rambunctiousness.  He hasn’t changed all that much. 😉
With each graduation comes fond memories, but I’ll never forget the year of the “mullet woven tassel.”  All thirteen inches of his beautiful mullet he saved to weave into his tassel, and it now hangs proudly like a rebel relic from his rear view mirror.

He back flipped in true family style, as he followed his big brother who back flipped on this same stage a year ago HERE.  He graduated with his cousin who is the first you will see back flipping in this video.

***Funny side note:  Poor me, bless my heart, I need glasses!!!  I borrowed Shey’s sweet professional camera to take these videos but I couldn’t tell on the little screen if the video was in focus ~ so please look past the unprofessional quality of some of these shots!