When we first built our home, I really thought I wanted trees that grew big and grew fast.  So we bought some Cottonwoods and a Weeping Willow among others.

I semi love both.
The Cottonwoods were exactly that… big and fast growing.  But I don’t love the roots they send out under the grass and manifest themselves above ground as big, knobby, hard chunks for us to trip over while running barefoot with daisies.
Which I do on my free time. 

The willow, while also big and fast growing, has proven to be THE most high maintenance of all our trees.  Lots of dead limbs to clean up after a big wind, tons of teeny leaves to rake in the Fall, and overhead trimming at least twice a summer to keep it from eating me alive when I mow underneath it.

Today was one of those trim days, and this boy was my helper.

And when I say “helper” I mean he sat and watched me.

And nose-nudged me …

And weazeled his ball in between my feet and legs with every step I took.

But the job is done for another few months, and doesn’t it look nice all trimmed up?

It has been the backdrop for many of our favorite pictures.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some playing to do.
With this boy and his favorite deflated ball.