One of my favorite things about living beneath the mountain is that the sun takes it’s time coming up and shining into our windows in the morning.  I especially love it in summer, when yard work can be done in the cool shade and tent sleepers get a bit longer to sleep peacefully before waking up in a hot, sun baked tent.
 Our summer days are numbered now, and we are deep into school shopping, mission prep, and trying to fit in all those things we still want to do before school starts.  I feel a little melancholy about it all.  I love peaceful summer mornings, no rush, a quiet house while the kids sleep in, relaxed schedules and plenty of time for fun.  I don’t really want to think yet, about going to bed early, homework every night, and rigid schedules. Ugh.


 But it’s coming, and I’ll be okay with it. Until then however, here’s to another enjoyable summer morning!  Today’s task: bottling the first batch of beans from the garden!
Have a great weekend!