One thing I love about these smart phones is the genius auto correct.  Sure, I can spell, but honestly whose fingers can hit every single button correctly?  I love that it guesses what you are trying to spell, and it does a pretty accurate job.  Most of the time.
*It’s so smart.*
So imagine my utter shock and dismay as I tell you the following story.
Story #1
I had made a little gift and was going to run it down to a friend, so I texted to see when she would be home.  She replied that she would be back about 8:30, and this happened.
Deuces bro?!  What the?
Every time I typed “ok”..  and you know how many times I use “ok” in messages?  The worst part is that I usually don’t look before I send it, I just assume that it will be correct, so I was “deuces bro”-ing everybody!!!

It was hilarious.  But eerie… I wondered how my phone got hacked… something was clearly wrong.

Story #2

Same person, different day.  As I was texting “have a great trip”….

Clearly some external source had hacked my phone, and it felt very creepy.  At the risk of sounding a little over dramatic, I felt violated.  Hijacked.

Story #3

My son had a couple brothers over to play, when the father texted to see if he needed to come pick up the younger one, you know, sometimes 3 is a crowd.  I texted back to let him know they were playing very well together, thankfully I looked up just as I saw auto correct trying to send this:

Ok.  Now I knew it was some little punk kid, no doubt a computer genius, locked up in his bedroom somewhere over indulging in video games, energy drinks, and computer hacking.  Probably could see me through my iphone camera too…. that’s it.  I made up my mind…I need to find out how to have it fixed.  Meanwhile, I showed my problems to my tech savvy older children and they thought it was hilarious!!!

Story #4

Next day.
I was helping my daughter out with a little project.


Then another text to a neighbor:

Finally, this one was the last straw.  I saw on Instagram, a great family in our ward had a son return home after his two year mission for the Church.  As I texted my sweet thoughts in a welcome home message, and they came out in a foul and suspicious manner, I’d had it!

(What you don’t see here, is the word ‘Love’ was changed to ‘Want to lick’, so it read
“Want to lick the signs out at the house!” –but I changed that one fast!!!)

My phone was corrupt.  I couldn’t trust that my kids could use it.  What was going to pop up next?
I shared my utter disgust with my oldest, and told her I was going to take it to Best Buy to have it fixed.

That’s when things started to make sense.
She got a little nervous on the phone and told me to wait until she got home, because she thought she could fix it.  After a little more interrogation, and an I-got-you-good laugh, I realized it was her all along!   She was the weaselly punk kid who hacked my phone!  Haha!

Thank goodness she stopped me from walking in to Best Buy and looking like an idiot!  Boy oh boy she got me good.

Two seconds in my settings and the problem was fixed.

Great trick to use on someone, especially if that someone (like me!!) doesn’t know about keyboard shortcuts.   I can’t wait for the day my dear husband gets a smart phone!
>>>evil grin<<<