I’ve always been pretty frugal when it comes to money.  Not near as frugal as Rick, but we both have our things that we don’t want to cut from our budget.  
Until now.  
I recently came across this challenge at Living Well Spending Less that is all about not spending money for a month, and it has totally inspired me!  After reading about it, I knew I wanted to jump into the madness with both feet!

I threw it out to Rick and he was a little mystified to say the least.  With good reason, he may have asked me to do this once or twice in the past, but I wasn’t ready, I tell you, I wasn’t ready.  Or maybe he didn’t have every single day mapped out with great suggestions like THIS GIRL does!

It doesn’t matter.
What matters is that we started 3 days ago!
No spending on anything that isn’t absolutely essential.
Of course, I’m tweaking the challenge a little to fit our family.  For example, the only food from the grocery store she allowed herself to buy was bread, milk, eggs, and cheese.  In our family, some fresh fruits and veggies are considered essential, nothing extravagant, but a few apples, grapes, and lettuce to throw into lunches are really a must.  
But nothing else!  

Here’s why I am loving it so far:
  1. I just know we are going to save a ton of money this month!  She saved over $1000!
  2. I love the practical daily suggestions like taking inventory of everything in your pantry and freezer…..this is perfect because lately I’ve been considering my food storage and wanted to throw out expired items and see where I’m at anyway.
  3. I’ve been looking for a reason to make my kids’ lunches healthier, and fruit snacks and Little Debbie cakes just don’t seem healthy for some reason….  terrible I know!  Sometimes I give in, forgive me.
  4. Today was shopping day and I was in and out of the store in 15 minutes!  No lugging around a huge cart, loading and unloading a gazillion grocery sacks…I put my few things in the fridge when I got home, and done.
  5. When we announced it to the kids on Monday family night, they almost started to cry!  Haha – YES!!!  This will be good for them. 
My only reservation?
It’s my birthday month, so…….
Birthday presents are considered essential, right?

Groceries for the week = $33

 I like Walmart because of the nifty QR code at the bottom that automatically matches prices with other local stores in your area and loads onto an e-card for you!
Worth it!  All you have to do is download the Walmart Savings Catcher app onto your phone.  Pretty sweet deal.


Anybody want to do it along with me???
Here’s another reason why I love it.  There are certain things I just won’t be able to do this month, so I actually feel free!
It has simplified my life!
They started on Oct. 1 and are now on Day 14 at Living Well Spending Less, I’m only on Day 3 and will go until the 11th of November.
Read more about it and become inspired HERE.