Welcome to day 11 of my 30 days of thrifted outfits.
This happens to be one of my absolute faves!  Not only does it look darn cute, in my opinion, but it’s also super comfortable.  I’ve heard these pants called hip hop pants, baggy trousers, or slouch pants….. I call them dar-ling!!!

 Pretty sure this is what they mean when they say to “act natural in front of the camera.”

 This Chanel top was a score!  I will be wearing it forever.
The waist is elasticized so the front tie detail is just cosmetic and super fun.

Chanel top:  $6
Rue 21 Slouch pants:  $4
H&M Cardigan:  $5
Shoes:  $3
Thanks for visiting!  
Today I am shamelessly putting up my Christmas tree.  We just had our first blanket of snow cover the lawn, so I’m breaking out the Christmas smelling wax to go along with the Christmas music that we’ve been listening to for the past week…and I don’t even feel bad about it!
I still LOVE LOVE LOVE Thanksgiving, so don’t be mad at me. 
Have a great day!