Here is a thrifted outfit for Sunday, and one that I have worn to Church before.  
You can’t tell here, and I should have taken the jacket off so you would be able to see that this is actually a darling Downeast dress underneath that I have worn through the summer all by itself.   It is very feminine and flowy for summer, and the jacket and tights make it work for 
colder months.

 This jacket is by Anne Klein and the quality is amazing!  I love the timeless detail.

I hope you all have a rejuvenating Sunday and use this day to really be strategic in planning your week.  I believe we have a Father in Heaven who is very interested in the details of our lives, and waits to help, and guide, and give us direction.  All we have to do is ask for that divine help.
Here’s to the start of a great week!
Happy Sunday!

Downeast dress:  $6
Anne Klein jacket:  $8
Ankle boots:  $5